Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rosa Goes for a walk

Hey Kids! been busy the past few months working on a few projects! Firstly, I did some illustrations for an adult kiddie book a friend wrote, more on that much later! I also put together my very first handmade comic full of very short stories about crazy ladies :) I will be selling very soon! And thirdly, I have made a serious start to my very first graphic Novel or comic book, whichever you prefer! Its called "Rosa goes for a walk", Its about an old woman who lives in a pub in an abandoned town who lives everyday with the same routine, until one day something changes and leads to an adventure. Here's the first page to give you a taste!

Its all painted with acrylics and watercolours and lined with ink. I will put more pages up later!
Thanks for listening :)

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  1. It certainly is abandoned, not even a hint of a Macdonalds.

    I like your story idea.


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