Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Adventures of Nic and Craig

Oh My!! does the truth hurt or what??

anyway... just got back from my trip to the USA, Star trek convention included, and may I just say those things are pretty fun! especially standing next to sci-fi greats such as Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart!!
 yes, I am dressed as B'lanna Torres from Voyager. It was to help break the world record for most star trek costumes in one place. And we killed it!!!!
now back to real life.....


  1. Waitaminute.... youre a girl??? I didnt know that. So, Nic is short for Nicole??

  2. But... but... your avatar is the coolest one around... but... it IS kinda ugly. I thought girls didnt like ugly things. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA. ..heh heh

  3. I Love Ugly things!!! I think they're purdy! hee heee heeeeeee silly man :)


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