Monday, July 18, 2011

Illustration Friday: Gesture

Woo Hoo!! just realised Im going to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in 4 weeks!!!! haha!! cant wait.... even though I have never seen an episode in full before ( I think I'm going to get beaten up for my ignorance). This Gesture is for all the trekkies out there!


  1. haha very good, (think they'll more likely batter your ear drums with their passionate talk of all the episodes you must see as opposed to beating you though).

  2. ha haaa... enjoy it! I haven t ever seen a complete one either but love the mood of all them and love your excitement reflected on yor piece : ) love it!


  3. You have no business there, my friend.. you havent paid your Star Trek watching dues! Better take a cheat sheet, so you'll have a few witty comebacks to throw around, lest ye get thrown out on your newbie ears. :)

    Live Long and Prosper!!

    Oh yeah, I love this drawing, very funny. Nobody draws eyeballs off their axis better than you!


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