Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Le story de toy: Nic and Craig

Another Nic and Craig story, will try to do one a week from now on. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Oh she gets it, she's just playin with him! Ha!

    Hey, I'm tec clueless, what is that thing hanging from his neck that's going ZIP?

  2. ummm....... Im really not too sure! Its got his ID card for work on it and it pulls out and zips back in like a pull string :) no idea what it is called though!

  3. Oh, yeah, I see it now. That's a hard thing to make read in a drawing. Maybe because the only lanyards I've had that do that are attached to my belt and have a windup spool on them. The ones that hang from your neck don't normally do that, right? Anyway, it's a funny idea, once I got it. sorry.


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